Is it True That Healthy Foods Resemble the Body Parts They Benefit?

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Doubtlessly keeping up a nutritious eating routine can help keep your body in good shape. In any case, with regards to which nutrients can particularly benefit which body parts, science remains a bit sketchy. Be that as it may, nature provides us an insight in the matter as to what foods help what portion of our body!

Here are 10 foods that mirror the body parts they give supplements to—for instance, mind boosting walnuts really resemble a cerebrum. Fortuitous event? Possibly. Despite the fact that these nutrients are helpful to the entire body, the beneath is a fun indication of what to eat to target particular regions. Keep in mind, a large portion of these foods are more beneficial when eaten raw.

While we could take it to the extreme – it does appear that some foods do resemble the body parts they help. You have probably all seen some article that lists those foods. Here is an example of a visual chart listing the food and the body part it benefits.

Foods Body Parts

I don’t think that means that we should go out and gorge ourselves on carrots, let’s say, and expect that our eyesight will suddenly return to 20/20 vision if we have suffered for years with poor vision, but eating a well rounded diet of many foods that we know will benefit our health will be a great blessing. Try to eat a well rounded diet with many fruits, nut, grains, and vegetables so your body receives nutrients from as many sources as possible. If you want to target a specific health issue then you might want to see if eating more of a certain item will bring the extra benefit you are looking for.

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